The Domestic Violence Advocacy and Victim Support service provides a range of support for victims, including providing information for survivors about their rights, options, and the community resources available for them.

The Domestic Violence Advocacy and Victim Support Service provides services to female victims and children in circumstances where family and domestic violence has occurred or is likely to occur. The service is located in Karratha with outreach once a week to Roebourne office. DVASS covers Pilbara West (Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson). Clients can be referred by other services or clients can access service by self-referral.

Our service provides direct assistance to clients with regard to safety planning and implementation, such as obtaining Violence Retraining Orders and implementing strategies to provide the safest possible living environment. Where appropriate, referrals are made to other services such as counselling, emergency accommodation providers, financial counselling, legal representation and family support services. PCLS offers many of those services so often the referrals are internal referrals. 

DVASS service provides a range of support for victims, including: providing information- is a power for survivors about their rights, options, and the community resources available for them. Safety plan, various strategies are discussed so a victim can decide for themselves what strategies to use to reduce their future risk of abuse. 

We offer encouragement, empathy and respect with a non-judgmental approach and culturally sensitive support. Informal counselling can be through crisis intervention or casual conversation.

DVAVSS is closely working with WAPOL, CPFS, FDVRT, Women's Refuge, Safe House and the DV Lawyer.  By building a good relationship with other services, DVAVSS is able to provide a client centred service and address client needs by referring them for appropriate support.  DVAVSS will continue work to build a good relationship with other services and provide ongoing support for victims of domestic violence.

If you would like to refer a client to one of our services please complete an External Referral Form and send to the nearest PCLS office.