The Domestic Violence Outreach program based at the South Hedland Lotteries House aims to support women and their children who are experiencing family and domestic violence (FDV). 

This service is an early intervention and prevention strategy aimed at breaking the cycle of FDV and preventing women and children from becoming homeless following domestic violence.  

In accordance with the multi-agency FDV approach, the DV employee and Keeping Women Safe (KWS) employee meet daily with Child Protection and Family Services (CPFS) and WA Police (WAPOL) to discuss FDV incidents that occurred within the last 24 hours. Prior to these meetings, the DVO and KWS employees identify any category 2 offences and whether or not they are existing clients (or known to the service).

Consistent communication is maintained with WAPOL in relation to granting and serving of Family Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO), assisting clients in attaining a duress number on their phone, the status and location of perpetrators, and any significant events (such as funerals and sorry business) that may incite a significant change to FDV related incidents in the community.

Women are able to refer themselves to the service by contacting PCLS directly or through a friend or other service.

The DVO and KWS employee are the only two individuals that act as an immediate response to victims of FDV in the East Pilbara. The service is free to access and appropriate referrals are made in cases where assistance exceeds our capacity.  

If you would like to refer a client to one of our services please complete an External Referral Form and send to the nearest PCLS office.