Our Community Migrant Service workers are located in Karratha and South Hedland. It facilitates pathways to learning English, education and employment readiness. The service is also delivered to the Goldfeilds by Goldfeild Community Legal Centre.

Australia is one of the most diverse populations in the world. In order for migration to be successful in both policy and practice, the Community Migrant Service helps migrants not only with adjusting to Australian life but to become vital and active members in the community. The Program aims to promote economic and personal wellbeing, self-determination, independence, and community connectedness.

Our Community Migrant Service is located in Karratha and South Hedland and facilitates pathways to learning English, education and employment readiness. Service coordination and delivery include, but are not limited to, group information sessions teaching life skills and providing information on different issues such as the health system, employment, police and the law and banking practices. The service is also delivered to the Goldfields Community Legal Centre.

Our service reduces social isolation for migrants by providing information and assistance.  This is achieved by establishing an initial assessment on client’s needs, developing a case plan, providing advice on tenancy rights and responsibilities, education and training options, assistance with completing complex forms, referring or linking to other services such as housing services, migration lawyers, ATO, Centrelink, relationships, counselling, employments agencies, education institutions, driving schools, health providers, etc.

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If you would like to refer a client to one of our services please complete an External Referral Form and send to the nearest PCLS office.