Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc. (PCLS) provide accessible, equitable, responsible and culturally appropriate advice, support and advocacy to the people of the Pilbara. 

Over the last 25 years, PCLS has developed to be a highly valued part of the Pilbara’s social infrastructure.  The service began in a small single office in Newman in 1993. A regional office was established in Hedland under the auspices of the Pilbara Social Justice Council to address a number of needs identified by a working party who lobbied hard for funding. They conducted forums over a period of four years to address the growing concern related to social justice issues.  As the socio-economic demands and the shortage of housing continued community demand brought the need for an expansion of services.  As and when funding was acquired, additional offices were opened.  PCLS is now a well-established service operating in four centres:

  • South Hedland
  • Karratha
  • Roebourne
  • Newman

The PCLS also provides outreach services across the Pilbara region to isolated communities such as Marble Bar.

The Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc. (PCLS) has a team of 27 staff operating from these four offices; however our services are delivered throughout the Pilbara region and to isolated communities which include: Marble Bar, Nullagine and Jigalong with occasional visits to Onslow, Tom Price and Paraburdoo.

PCLS services include information, advice and casework services to individuals, as well as community legal education, law reform, and community-capacity building projects. PCLS aims to reduce legal disadvantage, increase the capacity of individuals to manage their lives effectively and ensure people understand their rights and obligations.

PCLS is committed to ensuring access for disadvantaged persons to improve their quality of life by upholding their legal, social and economic rights.

The range of services that the Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc, provides are:

  • Domestic Violence Advocacy & Victim Support
  • Keeping Women Safe Program
  • Financial Counselling
  • Housing Support
  • Tenant Advice and Education Service
  • Indigenous Advancement Outreach Program
  • Community Migrant Service
  • Legal Services
  • Redress Support

The most rewarding aspect for our PCLS Staff and the Board of Management is helping people through difficult and complex situations and dilemmas.  The PCLS is unique because it provides all the support needed within the one organisation so the client is not going on a referral roundabout.  It is impossible to plan for when many legal issues may arise.  People do not budget for legal fees for issues like marriage breakdown, eviction or debt problems. However, PCLS ensures that every person can access the law regardless of their financial situation, social circumstances or geographic location. 

If you would like to refer a client to one of our services please complete an External Referral Form and fax to the nearest PCLS office.


“Empowering the people of the Pilbara to manage their lives effectively”. 


Provide accessible, equitable, responsible and culturally appropriate advice, support and advocacy to the people of the Pilbara. 


The core values of the Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc. (PCLS) which shapes all decisions and actions are based on:


We listen, show empathy and demonstrate support.


We prioritise goals and do whatever we can to make a difference and achieve positive outcomes.


We are consistent in the delivery of best practice.


We give people all they need to make the best decisions.


We welcome people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.


We are always open to new ideas and finding new solutions.


Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc. (PCLS) strives to continue to work towards the expansion and enhancement of the delivery of an overall social justice service in order to improve the lives of the people living in the Pilbara.

Our Objectives

To promote, protect and enhance the rights and interests of individuals, groups and organisations within the Pilbara region who are disadvantaged in their access to justice; and contribute to reform of laws and structural inequities to achieve human, fair and equitable outcomes.